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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Wonderful Husband & Salwar Kameez

My husband is the greatest! Last night, after dinner, he took me to buy something. You see, a couple of months ago, we were at Tejal (our indian store). They had just gotten in a stock of salwar kameez's (3-pc pantsuit), which they previously did not sell. I was thrilled at the prospect of finding a treasure. Well, I did. I actually found 2 of them that I really liked, but only could afford one. So, my husband bought it. But little did I know, he called the shopowner later, and had them hold the other one. So, last night, he finally had enough to purchase the other one for me. I was so happy. Now I just need an occassion to wear them. I now have 3 salwar kameez's for when we go to India. We are saving money when we can, and hopefully can make it there April 2010 (next year!!!). I was able to find a previous pic (for now) to post...will try soon to get the 3 in full length! :)


  1. Its nice to know Heather..will look fwd to your pictures in Salwar!..:)

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