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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tandoori (Pronounced like "tun-doo-ree")

Tonight's dinner will be tandoori chicken, lentil & sweet potato curry, and jherra rice. I've tried to get in the habit of cooking something Indian at least once a week. My family happily accepts this, since I have mastered a couple dishes. My family is used to my mantra: "better get used to it...we'll be eating it when we go to India." Speaking of tandoori reminds me of a gas station attendant that we happened to meet. His name is Sonny, and we met him during a gas-up before heading out of town for a conference. As my husband was pumping gas, I was sitting in the car, and noticed the attendant. He looked of Indian decent, so of course I took full advantage of getting some "road-trip" snacks. The kids and I walked in, and browsed for items that grabbed our attention. I was looking for water, when Sonny offered a bigger bottle, of which I willingly accepted. As we paid for our treasures, the conversation began. My first question is always, "are you from India?" Of course he was! He told us what region he was from and then for the next 10 minutes, we conversed about anything Indian. Food, Bollywood movies, music, and Hindi. It was a very fun and exciting encounter. Of course my husband piped up that his favorite food was tandoori chicken, but pronounced it "tan-doar-y". Sonny was quick to make the correct pronunciation. We all laughed, and from that day forward, I have never pronounced it wrong again. I usually have a pretty good ear for other languages, dialects and accents. My husband, however, will probably always pronounce things with his New-Mexican/Coloradan English. But, I love him dearly, and so we continue our quest for anything Indian. Thus, tandoori for dinner! :)

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