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Monday, October 5, 2009

Samosas For Snacktime...

Last night at church, we had a snack fellowship after our evening service. So, I spent all afternoon in the kitchen, doing my very best to make these wonderful little Indian snacks. I also made a tamarind chutney and hari chutney (cilantro). They turned out great! And I was so suprised that the aloo matar was spiced to perfection for the samosa filling! This was definitely a "labor of love" since most everyone else was probably gonna either stop at the local grocery store or make something quick. Anyway, I was very pleased. Some people liked them and some were not brave enough to try something other than typical American fare, but the couple comments I did get were all worth it. Later on when we got home, we watched some clips that another pastor had sent my husband. It was of them arriving in Bangkok, Thailand. They mentioned that it was very comparable to India. Made my husband and I stirred so much more to go to the land that God has placed in our hearts! All in all, it was a nice "cultural" day.

Now if I can just get more of our friends to venture out and try something different!


  1. How wonderful! Samosas are surely the most complicated snacks. And to get the perfect filling, the best! share them in your blog sometime..

  2. I most certainly will hunt down that recipe and post it! :)