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Friday, October 9, 2009

Amazing Race Fans

My family's favorite past-time is watching Amazing Race online. While we were waiting for the new season to start, we found some past seasons and have been watching them. Now this does not necessarily relate to India, and our love for the country, but in a sense it does. We love to watch people race around the globe, attempting to get ahead, just to reach the "great equalizer" of a flight or the opening of a business or monument. But we really enjoy it when they go somewhere in India! We love to see how the taxis drive crazy and the multitudes of people. The one thing I cannot stand is when Americans have the nerve to go to other nations, and spew their rude words and self-righteous attitudes. When they have more pity on the animals than the people living on the streets. I'm shocked when they are ignorant enough to say that these people have a choice in how they live. They obviously know nothing about what it's like to live in poverty. They are proud and spoiled. When the Holy Spirit first worked India into our hearts, we began to see this for what it was. Like scales have been removed from our eyes. People have it so good in America, they take it for granted, and expect it. So when they go to another country, they expect people to understand them. They expect people to bow to their comforts and whims. No wonder there are other nations that despise Americans. But, I digress. I also have seen the opposite, so I have hope. I've seen people brought to tears by poverty and want. I myself become choked up. I realize that I am so blessed. Blessed enough to have a home, and a family, to enjoy simple pleasures in life. Like watching our favorite show online, and planning for the day that we can go overseas too!

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