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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Down and Out with Flu

Well, tonight's post is only an update...I've been out of service with what I am assuming is the swine flu. I assume this, since it's too early in the year to have the regular flu, and that I had all the symptoms. Misery was my only company. Even my wholehearted fondness for Indian food did not help me. My husband took me to grab some Indian food last week, and despite my desire to enjoy it all, I had to take home my leftovers, and ate them over 3 meals. Since having the flu, I've not eaten much, thus my appetite has subsided, temporarily that is. My funny thought though...wonder what it will be like when I get sick in India. Will I long for the comforts of America, or just tough it out in a foreign land. I often have these times of "wondering what if in India." I guess time will tell.

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