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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Down and Out with Flu

Well, tonight's post is only an update...I've been out of service with what I am assuming is the swine flu. I assume this, since it's too early in the year to have the regular flu, and that I had all the symptoms. Misery was my only company. Even my wholehearted fondness for Indian food did not help me. My husband took me to grab some Indian food last week, and despite my desire to enjoy it all, I had to take home my leftovers, and ate them over 3 meals. Since having the flu, I've not eaten much, thus my appetite has subsided, temporarily that is. My funny thought though...wonder what it will be like when I get sick in India. Will I long for the comforts of America, or just tough it out in a foreign land. I often have these times of "wondering what if in India." I guess time will tell.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Wonderful Husband & Salwar Kameez

My husband is the greatest! Last night, after dinner, he took me to buy something. You see, a couple of months ago, we were at Tejal (our indian store). They had just gotten in a stock of salwar kameez's (3-pc pantsuit), which they previously did not sell. I was thrilled at the prospect of finding a treasure. Well, I did. I actually found 2 of them that I really liked, but only could afford one. So, my husband bought it. But little did I know, he called the shopowner later, and had them hold the other one. So, last night, he finally had enough to purchase the other one for me. I was so happy. Now I just need an occassion to wear them. I now have 3 salwar kameez's for when we go to India. We are saving money when we can, and hopefully can make it there April 2010 (next year!!!). I was able to find a previous pic (for now) to post...will try soon to get the 3 in full length! :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Amazing Race Fans

My family's favorite past-time is watching Amazing Race online. While we were waiting for the new season to start, we found some past seasons and have been watching them. Now this does not necessarily relate to India, and our love for the country, but in a sense it does. We love to watch people race around the globe, attempting to get ahead, just to reach the "great equalizer" of a flight or the opening of a business or monument. But we really enjoy it when they go somewhere in India! We love to see how the taxis drive crazy and the multitudes of people. The one thing I cannot stand is when Americans have the nerve to go to other nations, and spew their rude words and self-righteous attitudes. When they have more pity on the animals than the people living on the streets. I'm shocked when they are ignorant enough to say that these people have a choice in how they live. They obviously know nothing about what it's like to live in poverty. They are proud and spoiled. When the Holy Spirit first worked India into our hearts, we began to see this for what it was. Like scales have been removed from our eyes. People have it so good in America, they take it for granted, and expect it. So when they go to another country, they expect people to understand them. They expect people to bow to their comforts and whims. No wonder there are other nations that despise Americans. But, I digress. I also have seen the opposite, so I have hope. I've seen people brought to tears by poverty and want. I myself become choked up. I realize that I am so blessed. Blessed enough to have a home, and a family, to enjoy simple pleasures in life. Like watching our favorite show online, and planning for the day that we can go overseas too!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tandoori (Pronounced like "tun-doo-ree")

Tonight's dinner will be tandoori chicken, lentil & sweet potato curry, and jherra rice. I've tried to get in the habit of cooking something Indian at least once a week. My family happily accepts this, since I have mastered a couple dishes. My family is used to my mantra: "better get used to it...we'll be eating it when we go to India." Speaking of tandoori reminds me of a gas station attendant that we happened to meet. His name is Sonny, and we met him during a gas-up before heading out of town for a conference. As my husband was pumping gas, I was sitting in the car, and noticed the attendant. He looked of Indian decent, so of course I took full advantage of getting some "road-trip" snacks. The kids and I walked in, and browsed for items that grabbed our attention. I was looking for water, when Sonny offered a bigger bottle, of which I willingly accepted. As we paid for our treasures, the conversation began. My first question is always, "are you from India?" Of course he was! He told us what region he was from and then for the next 10 minutes, we conversed about anything Indian. Food, Bollywood movies, music, and Hindi. It was a very fun and exciting encounter. Of course my husband piped up that his favorite food was tandoori chicken, but pronounced it "tan-doar-y". Sonny was quick to make the correct pronunciation. We all laughed, and from that day forward, I have never pronounced it wrong again. I usually have a pretty good ear for other languages, dialects and accents. My husband, however, will probably always pronounce things with his New-Mexican/Coloradan English. But, I love him dearly, and so we continue our quest for anything Indian. Thus, tandoori for dinner! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dishes and Irony

Amazing the things you can remember when you are doing a simple household chore like dishes. Today, as I was slaving over the dreaded chore, I began to remember a past experience with Indian food. I laugh to myself as I remember it clearly. Many years ago, when my dad was a truck driver, he stopped in town with the plan of meeting my husband and going to dinner. He offerred Indian cuisine. I hoped for American food. Despite me, we went to an Indian restaurant. I'll never forget my disdain for the strange smells and odd-sounding background music. The pictures and statues of idols were so upsetting to me. Needless to say, I did not enjoy the food or the experience. I was a typical "boring" American. I liked my plain foods, not these strangley spiced dishes. Little did I know, that years later, I would face a pivitol point in my life and my relationship with my Father. The irony now hits me everytime we sacrifice to actually go back to that same restaurant. Life can be funny like that, especially when you lay down your will for His.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Samosas For Snacktime...

Last night at church, we had a snack fellowship after our evening service. So, I spent all afternoon in the kitchen, doing my very best to make these wonderful little Indian snacks. I also made a tamarind chutney and hari chutney (cilantro). They turned out great! And I was so suprised that the aloo matar was spiced to perfection for the samosa filling! This was definitely a "labor of love" since most everyone else was probably gonna either stop at the local grocery store or make something quick. Anyway, I was very pleased. Some people liked them and some were not brave enough to try something other than typical American fare, but the couple comments I did get were all worth it. Later on when we got home, we watched some clips that another pastor had sent my husband. It was of them arriving in Bangkok, Thailand. They mentioned that it was very comparable to India. Made my husband and I stirred so much more to go to the land that God has placed in our hearts! All in all, it was a nice "cultural" day.

Now if I can just get more of our friends to venture out and try something different!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Yak & Yeti

I have a new task. Last night, my wonderful husband took us to Yak & Yeti, an Indian/Nepal Cuisine restaurant. They have very good food and the people are nice as well. We always order from the buffet, so that we can get the various tastes from the various dishes they make. My favorite dish is the bhaina bharta (sp?). It was an eggplant curry, and the spices were wonderful! So, the new task is to figure out how to make it at home. I still need to work on the chicken tikka masala and the sweet potato masala. I made the chicken tikka masala the other night, and it was pretty good, but not what I'm aiming for. Anyway, it was wonderful to go and enjoy some food from the nation in our hearts. After dinner, we headed over to Tejal (Indian grocery) and I purchased some needed spices. After we were home for a while, my husband headed into the kitchen. Seeing the spices on the table, he laughed to himself and thought, "only 2 years ago, that sight would have been unheard of." Amazing what transformations you can see in a family, when the Holy Spirit gets ahold of their hearts!