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Monday, December 27, 2010

Planning and Plotting

Well, after a LONG delay in posting, I am finally back again with a bit of wonderful news...we are finally planning a trip to Mumbai, India!!! After much time in prayer, and God's provisions, we have begun the long and tedious task of making arrangements for our long-awaited trip. So far, we have gotten a "game plan" in place for the sights we want to see, and what areas of Mumbai we actually plan to visit. Our hotel is about 99% chosen. Our visa applications (and pictures) are ready to be mailed. We have a pretty good idea of the flights (and cities) we will layover in. I was blessed by my awesome husband with a cam-corder, to video journal the event. We even know approximately when we will be going (much to the chagrin of a dear Indian friend and her warnings of intense summer heat). But, the time is finally nearing!!! After 2 years, it's finally happening! I (almost) never thought I would see the day. All we need now is the most important piece to this whole But I trust fully that God will provide. Things are already in the works, and so, I cannot wait to update further on our status! Stay tuned.....! :)

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