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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

India & Pakistan History

So, last night we watched the very powerful movie Gandhi. Wow, what a very good movie! I have read little bits here-and-there in my research and reading of India, but this movie really brought it all to light a lot more clearer. You see, I'm not at all interested in political issues very much. But I was glad to really realize the depths of India's independence from British rule, and the sad aftermath of Hindu and Muslim conflicts. It really solidified my understanding of the division (in country and attitude) between India and Pakistan. I'm also reading a book right now that highlights the struggles for Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) to become an independent state from Pakistan (formerly West Pakistan). I truly believe that to know a country (and it's people), you have to know some of the vital part's of it's history. The struggles they have faced. The blood and tears that were shed to make it what it is today. And to have some fathom of understanding as to why there really is such a huge clash between Indians & Pakistanis, Hindus & Muslims. Once again, I can say that I feel just a bit more knowledgable about the nation that Jesus Christ has placed in our hearts to reach with His Gospel!


  1. Hello! Happy 2011!!! Forgive me if I get behind in leaving comments. I always leave comments when I visit a blog. :) I've been so, so busy but I bet you have as well!

    Do you follow any other blogs from people in our fellowship?

  2. You can check out my complete profile and see what I follow, I think. :) I "follow" Pastor Warner and Pastor Carnegie. Tucson church is the mother church of our mother church (Las Vegas, New Mexico). :)