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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Biryani and Saris

Well, here I am again, after a long sabatical. I am the kind of person who needs some inspiration for things, and was lacking a little for any new blogs. But, here I am, and with two wonderful inspirations...biryani and saris!
So, I've now attained a long list of indian cooking accomplishments. I can make naan, jallebis, gulab jamuns, tandoori chicken, aloo gobi, chana masala and so many others that I cannot remember. So, the king of Indian dishes (at least to some food affecionados) is biryani, and I found the greatest, easiest recipe online buy a wonderful sikh man. It may not necessarily be "authentic", but it's truly wonderful and now one of my family's favorite Indian dishes.
And now, the saris. In the two years that we have had a "heart for India", I've never owned or even tried on a sari. But, in one night, I gained 4 saris and learned how to drape them. Basically, I met the nicest Indian lady online, whom I contacted about buying saris. She invited me over, and showed me her array of beautiful saris. She even took the time to help me drape a sari, which was very kind to say the least. As the girl in the Indian Doritos commercial says, it "makes my heart feel good!" LOL!!! If you haven't seen that commercial, you've gotta google it!
All we need to do now, is GO already!!! :)

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