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Friday, February 25, 2011

Indian Visa & Birthday Sari

Well, again, it's been a very long time since posting. But, things are beginning to accelerate regarding our "used-to-be-hopeful" trip to Mumbai, India! Status has changed to..."we are going!!!" We finally received our much-anticipated Indian visas!!! In my humble opinion, they are pretty, lol. Of course, we are still saving for airfare, but we do have some of it in a travel savings account. And, my "oh so smart" husband advance paid many of our basic bills, so the next couple paychecks will go toward our trip. All in all, we are getting more excited about finally going to India! Oh, Bharat/Hindustan!!! (Other names for India)

Another tidbit is that David took us out to our favorite Indian/Nepalese restaurant for my birthday last night! Yes... I know... shocker... right?! But, the catch? Well, here's the story. Seema is a very sweet Nepalese lady that has served us there many times. We talk about all sorts of things and ask each other many questions. A couple times ago, the subject of saris came up, and I had to confess that I had some and knew how to wrap them. So, she challenged me to wear a sari the next time we came. Well, what better occassion than my birthday! So, Tabitha and I got all fancy-shmancy'd up! I almost felt like Cinderella walking in. Most of the restaurant staff (and owner), and even a couple of patrons were quite suprised. Some of the staff have seen me wear one of my salwar suits, but never a sari. Seema was super excited to see me dressed up so. She even hugged me twice! It really was just so much fun, and even reassuring. Reassuring, because now I will be able to confidently wrap myself in a sari when we go to India. With our pretty Indian visas, of course!


  1. Exciting news you shared! By the way I looooove Indian food. It's our family favorite. Yum!

    I do get paid for those ads but only if people click on them. :)

  2. Hi! It's me again. You asked about the Chicken Tikka Masala. If you look at the picture on my blog, just click on the words "Chicken Tikka Masala" and it'll guide you to the recipe I used. However, I used half the amount of salt and I doubled the sauce recipe. I'm actually gonna write it out on my blog in case that site for some reason decides to stop showing the recipe.