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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hindi or Hindu?

Recently, I was chatting with a cousin online, who had read my blog and was asking if I was Hindu. It dawned on me that I should probably clarify something, for those out there who are unaware of the difference between Hindu and Hindi.

Hindi is the main language of India. It derives from the original sanskrit and is usually written in the devanagari script, not with roman letters that most of us are familiar with. It can be transliterated into roman script though. Although it is the "national" language, many regions have their own language and dialect that is preferred. Punjabi, Tamil, etc. Most middle-class Indian schools will teach English, Hindi, and the regional tongue. We figure knowing Hindi and English should suffice for being a missionary.

Hindu is the main religion of India. Many gods and idols are worshipped in this religion. Kind of reminds me of a religious buffet. People seem to pick and choose which god they will devote their prayers to, especially depending on the circumstance of their life. Need good luck and prosperity? Ganesh is for you. Want a god that likes to indulge and be light-hearted, try Krishna. If one doesn't meet your needs, there's a myriad of others to choose from. Not so in Christianity. There is one God, known by many names: Yaweh, I AM, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Raffa, Jehova Shalom, God Almighty. He is part of the Trinity: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Almost as fingers are part of a hand, so are the Three connected together, but different as well. And the message, or gospel, is so simple...allow Him to be your Lord, Savior, Redeemer, and you will have everlasting life with Him in Heaven. Nothing complicated. And even in His perfect state (of which most Hindu gods struggle), He allows sinners to come unto Him, and He forgives them and changes them. He doesn't expect perfectionism from us, only obedience and surrender. I would much rather serve a God that cannot be "appeased" by mere human convincings. I am grateful for my God, my Savior, Who loves me, despite me. No other god can compare to that.


  1. I knew you were Christian but thanks for explaining. I thought that was really interesting because I didn't know about all that. When pastors come in from over there they do talk about it some.

  2. Most people don't so I'm glad to shed some light. I realized that most people don't understand the difference after chatting with a relative. :)