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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sickness and Soup

Sometimes in life, you just don't have much new to say. Thus my delay in adding new posts. But, I think it's a good time to post now (while the kids are upstairs preoccupied). I had a wonderful success with making my own Indian recipe last night! My poor husband caught a cold from my daughter, and was miserable yesterday. So, last night I decided to make chicken soup. Actually, I was nearly begged to make it. But I did not feel like making my typical plain 'ol boring chicken soup. I was really inspired to add a touch of Indian flare to it. You see, I tasted a really wonderful version at our favorite Indian/Nepalese restaurant, and was hoping to find a close comparison recipe. But, to no avail. Neither my precious collection of Indian books, nor the Internet provided a satisfactory end result. I was about to just give up, but the poor hubby looked a bit defeated when I said I couldn't find a suitable recipe. So, with determination, lots of Indian cooking experience, and a "batting average of 500" (as my DH says), I armed myself with a bunch of veggies, some chicken and a variety of my Indian spices, and went to work. In about 45 minutes I had prepared one of the best Indian meals I have ever created! So, along with the Indian books I've read, the Bollywoods I've watched, the Hindi words I've learned, the accent I've aquired, the clothing and accessories I have purchased and worn, and now the knack for cooking Indian foods, I feel like I am truly becoming Indian. Now, if only I could just get to India!

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