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Friday, July 2, 2010

Chaos and Calm

Life has been VERY busy lately! The kids and I finished homeschooling the last week of May. Then our church was moving into a new building, and so we were busy with packing and cleaning. Then a dear family member, from Pueblo, passed away. With visits in Pueblo and a memorial service in New Mexico, you can imagine all that went into that week. The following week was our annual bible conference in Tucson, AZ. This was a wonderful time of refreshment, but very busy none-the-less. After that, we were busy with getting our new church building renovation started. It's still not done, but we are in "holiday weekend mode". Also, I've been to a used book sale and have been scanning the internet for some good homeschooling ideas. Then there's "I'm bored" stoppers...activities for the kids and I to do during the summer. Oh, and did I mention that I decided to take on the hair-brained idea of painting a couple rooms in my house?! I'll be a pro at painting once it's time to help with the walls in our new church building. Whew!
Despite it all though, I'm at peace. I may not look like it all of the time on the outside, but on the inside, I know the great things that my Savior is doing in my heart. The peace He has given me through life's busy times, whether happy or sad. The love He has given me for my family, and even the stranger that walks in from the street at church. The patience that He is still teaching me with the curve balls of life, and the bickering of my kids. The challenges that He has placed in front of me, and will help me to succeed in. Our conference theme was "Preparing for His Calling, Preparing for His Coming." Either way, He is preparing me. Whether we get to answer His call to India (and any other city/country) or anticipate His coming (the time is near!), I know all that I go through in life, whether chaos or calm, He is with me, and is preparing me for whatever is down the road of life.

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