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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

India...and Boulder

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or tormented, lol. In a couple months (May), it'll be 5 years since our trip to India. Sometimes it feels like an eternity, and other times just like yesterday. All I can say is that when God puts something in your heart, calls you to a nation, a people, it's both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you know that the God of all creation has called you to something great, something not many people would agree to, or be willing to give up so much for. A curse, because until you actually fulfill that purpose, until you see steps being made toward it, you feel often tormented. You can question a lot, you can get easily frustrated. Every single time you see a video or news clip, hear a sound byte resembling anything even close to Indian influence, your heart is both filled with joy and sadness. I happened to see the newest Coldplay video for "Hymn for the Weekend" recently in the news, which was all based in Mumbai. I know many people, especially Indians had issue with it, but for me it just reminded me, yet again, to what God has called us to. Another little video, about a South Indian ice cream seller feeding ice cream to a crow, stirred the joy/sadness emotions within me. When you hear of a couple being sent back to India (for the second time), when you hear of others planning to go, you are happy for them, and grateful that more people of that nation will hear the gospel of Jesus. But you also wonder when that "call to go" will ever happen for you. All you can do is keep having faith that He will remember what He has called you to. :)
The other day, however, we did get the privilege to meet a couple from our fellowship of churches, out of Austin, TX. He is in town to minister as an evangelist, and she flew in separate to celebrate their anniversary. She and I actually "met" on Instagram years ago, and after chatting at different points, came to realize we shared the "call" to India. So, we decided to finally meet in person, and what better way than at an Indian restaurant. My husband said it felt like we were going on a blind date with this other couple. But it turned out to be a great time of sharing stories and great food. And we now have a couple more friends, which everyone needs! The crazy thing about this "meeting", is that he was originally from Boulder. A place that we have in our hearts to reach with the gospel, as well. Both Boulder and India are HUGE endeavors for a couple that is currently in a tiny church. But I must remember that if God calls us to it, He'll bring us to it!

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