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Monday, August 6, 2012

Masala Dosas and Sikh Shooting

I don't usually do two posts in one, especially a light-hearted one, and an extremely tragic one, but my time is limited these days (with a dead computer at home, and relucantly using a library computer), thus I will proceed.  PLEASE, don't be offended by combining the two...if you know me, you know my sincere heart for anything Indian!

Masala Dosas: : )
So, I've had another LOOOONNNGG lag time in posting, but had some great stuff happen recently in connection with masala dosas.  A couple months ago I "subscribed" to a youtube video series called EatEastIndian, which I absolutely love!  So, while watching a recent posting for aloo (potato) bhaji, I was inspired to try it as the stuffing for masala dosas.  Basically, these are crepe-like savories that are stuffed with a spicy potato filling.  Something I tried in Mumbai, and really liked!  So, I decided to attempt it, and it was great!  Very tasty, although I added some sanaam chile that I ground with a mortar and pestle, which made it a tad hot for my kids, but very tasty.  I didn't have time (or gumption) to make homemade dosa batter (since it's very time-consuming with soaking lentils and rice, then grinding), so I found an "instant" recipe that simply uses rava (semolina/cream of wheat).  But, I'm getting ahead of myself, because in order to make the "filling", I needed fresh curry leaves, which meant a trip to MyIndia up in Broomfield, near hubby's work.  I was happy to find what I needed, but more ecstatic about meeting a friendly middle-age Indian couple there.  While waiting to ask the owner about prices on ghee (clarified butter), my phone began to ring.  "Haule, Haule" played on and on (as my ringtone, lol), and the gentleman remarked, "I like the music!"  I laughed, said thanks, and after finally finding my insistant cell phone answered the call.  After the very brief conversation, I returned to the cue.  The couple and the owner were talking (Hindi?), thus I didn't understand much (a word here and there), but then the owner told me that the man teaches music lessons.  I responded with a lame "oh", and smiled.  We made friendly conversation after that, and they also told me that the woman taught cooking classes.  I kindly responded that I knew how to cook a lot of Indian dishes, but could probably use more instruction.  I told them that I really wanted to learn Hindi, and the man responded that I'd learn it through cooking.  We exchanged phone numbers and went seperate ways.  Funny thing, they live about 10 minutes from me!  Looking forward to pursuing this new connection!

Sikh Shooting :'(
My heart is heavy today as well though.  Found out late last night that there was a terrible shooting in Milwaukee at a Sikh temple.  I know that all tragedies are very heart-wrenching, but with David and I, if it ever involves Indians, it breaks our hearts even more.  Kind of like how deeply saddened we were when we first heard about the Mumbai terrorist acts in November 2008.  Or when we hear about the bride burnings, honor killings, train wrecks, capsized boats, "ragging" of college students in other countries, etc.  Every tragedy is horrible, but when it comes to India (and the people from there) it probably hits us harder than most Americans.  Probably because we have a "heart for India".  We can never truly understand the senselessness of these types of acts, especially when if you have any sense as a person, you'd know the difference between Sikhs and Muslims (duh!).  Not that it would've been any better or worse if it was a Muslim.  That truth is that ALL people need Jesus Christ!  HE is the way, the truth and the light...HE is the only way to the Father...HE is the only One that can save us and forgive us of our sins...HE is the only One that has changed the hearts of many, given them new life, set them free from drugs/alcohol/etc., reconciled marriages, healed the broken hearted, and so much more, that all the books (and blogs) in the world cannot number the wonderous acts that HE has done, and will continue to do.  Argue with my all you want...I know what HE has done in my own heart and life, and I can tell you that I never could change on my own...only HE can change me.  And only HE can change the rest of the people on this Earth, provided they let HIM.  My prayers go out to the familes, friends and community that has been affected by this appauling tragedy.  Prayers of comfort in time of mourning, peace in time of fear, and salvation for their souls, to be reconciled to the Father through Jesus Christ!


  1. The shooting was a slur on humanity.

    1. I agree whole-heartedly sir, along with the tragedy in my own "backyard" of Aurora, Colorado. :'(