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Friday, August 17, 2012

Hindi & Byki

Wow, 2 posts in a month?!  I'm really gonna try better, but sometimes it's kind of out of my control.  This blog is mostly about our heart for India (and beyond, meaning the rest of this great big Earth), and since I don't always have pertinent experiences, I can't always justify blogging. But, I do have a nice little incident that involves a semi-local Indian store and Hindi.  Long story short, I was buying some necessary items (jaggery, dosa mix, curry leaves, sooji) today.  While I approached the checkout counter, I realized I needed the sooji (semolina/cream of wheat), and without thinking about it immediately responded with, "Ek minute," to the owner.  Basically I was saying "one minute", as in I needed to grab one more thing.  Now this may not be a big thing for you, but it was a great moment for me, because I naturally, without thinking, responded to him in Hindi!  My brain has actually surprised me like this a couple of times in the past, but it just really made my day!  So, once I got back home, I decided to re-download a former language program on our new computer that I had on a previous "dead dinosaur" computer.  So, no, I'm not getting paid for endorsing this, but if you are interested in learning another language, I recommend trying Byki (no relation to daughter's babydoll, lol) language learning.  There is a free downloadable program for many languages, and you can eventually upgrade to the paid deluxe version.  Here's a link,  This really helped me a couple years ago when I was teaching the kids Hindi in our homeschooling, and will continue to.  So, go ahead, enjoy the journey of learning a new may thank yourself one day!

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