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Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's been a year!

Well, here I am, looking for yet another Indian cooking recipe. This time it's for sweet potato masala. Our local Indian restaurant has this dish, and so I'm in pursuit of finding a recipe to make at home. Of course this could be a big feat, considering that India is so varied in culture that you can almost never have the same taste in a particular "dish" or curry. If you know anything about India, you know that it's made up of a myriad of different regions, which can be affected by religion, region and particular ancesteral family recipes. Each household alone may have it's favorite "masalas" (spice mixtures). This could vary immensley by not just particular spices, but also the measurements. So, I continue to quest to broaden my Indian food horizons.

I suppose I should try to start from the beginning. You probably are saying, "why are you intersted in India?" That's the question most people ask us, because besides our love for Jesus Christ and each other, we are constantly referring to anything Indian. Let's just say that it all started in June 2008. My husband and I had attended an annual bible conference, and God really got ahold of our hearts. We were faced with the fact that God explicitly spoke to our hearts that we should've done something and been prepared to do that something. It was a turning-point in our Christian walks. We were living like most American Christians. My husband and I both had very good jobs, a very nice car (Mazda 6, zoom, zoom :) ), and attended our local church faithfully. But there was something missing. To make a long story short, we both realized we needed to quit playing games, and get serious with God and the destiny He has for us. We came back very excited and definitely with changed hearts. About a month later, my husband was helping one of his customers (at the bank), and the man was of Indian decent. In that moment, God clear-as-day impressed upon my husband's heart the need to "go and reach them for Me". My husband thought, "yeah right God! My wife would never go for that!" But little did he know that God had worked upon my heart, and when the time came for him to tell me, I willingly accepted it. My thoughts raced to the possibility of going to some remote village. Possibly with no running water and no electricity. In the weeks that followed, I constantly thought about my "comforts" and what I may have to give up. Little did I know that India actually has many parts that are very westernized and modern. From that moment on, we've submerged ourselves in anything we can to learn about India. We have learned about various foods, the national language (Hindi), and through various methods (Internet, Library, Bollywood movies, Dance Fests, Local restaurants/stores) we have learned a whole lot! I must continue to learn all I can, and do all I can, to reach all I can for Him. Which all brings me back to the search for that sweet potato masala recipe!


  1. Wow. This is great Heather. I am glad for what God has done in your heart, particularly because your my wife but more importantly because he has given us both a heart for a nation. God will see it through!

  2. That is a good one Heather.
    Saw your interest in knowing more about India.
    (Here are some . . . . in pictorial form)