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Monday, September 28, 2009

Another success!!!

I am happy. Tonight was another success with my quest for cooking Indian food! The menu was chicken tikka masala, cashew & sultana (gold raisin) pulaou (rice pilaf), onion bhajis and naan. I'm still not exactly satisfied with the chicken recipe, but it was good enough for now. I will keep tweaking and searching for other recipes. Tomorrow night will be leftover rice, cauliflower (gobi) curry and something with lentils. I'm very pleased with the progress. A funny thought. We have some friends that were missionaries in India, and they had a cook while there. In times like these, I wonder if the need will be the same for us, or if God will help us intigrate seemlessly. Even now, I feel like I've learned all there is to learn. I am but a "young grasshopper". :)

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