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Friday, May 3, 2013

Dreams & Reality

The past couple nights, I've dreamt about a return trip to Mumbai.  This can be a bit of a torture, because when you wake up, you're faced with the reality that you are, indeed, still at home.  How is it that dreams feel so real, but not totally?  This reminds me of something my daughter mentioned recently.  She said that she wondered if when we die, will heaven be less real "feeling" than life now?  I told her that I bet heaven will be more real than our current lives.  Kind of like when we wake up from a dream that seems real, but contains some fuzziness, some unreality to it.  Another thought is why does it seem like past experiences feel as though they are a dream? For example, I lived in California as a young girl, then moved to Colorado when I was a teenager.  Life in Cali seems almost like a dream I had once.  Like it never really happened.  Also our trip to Mumbai back in 2010.  I KNOW we were there, have pictures of us being there, but still think back on it as a distant memory, a dream.  Sometimes I wonder if it'll feel like that when we leave our current city/state/country to start or take-over a church.  Will this current life feel like a dream?  Most likely, yes.  And I bet it'll be the same once we go to heaven.  This life will be a distant memory for us, almost like a simple dream we once had.


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