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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Reality We May Never Face

~ From Cari @ Gospel For Asia :)
January 2012 Mission: Persecution

Happy New Year Friends!Let’s kick off the new-year off featuring persecution.

Persecution is a part of life for many Christians around the world. Our GFA-supported missionaries are no different.

Jesus promised His followers that the world would hate and persecute them. Many GFA-supported missionaries have come to know the harsh reality of Jesus' words.

Beatings, death threats and imprisonment are a few of the things they encounter on the mission field. But despite great hostility, they continue to press onward as they proclaim the Good News of Christ to the unsaved souls of Asia.

The Persecution section of the GFA website is full of stories and videos of missionaries and pastors who have suffered for their ministry. Please check out the links below and pray about how you can help.

GFA Resources:

Websites: - Francis Chan speaking on Persecution - Voice of the Martyrs (A work in progress!) On this website you can find links to each month’s missions, there are resources, and a blogroll so you can get to know other bloggers for India. There will be more additions in the coming weeks and months.

Cari Poweziak
Blog for Asia Coordinator
800.WIN.ASIA (800.946.2742)

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