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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Morning Musings

Some things stay with you forever.  Even places you have been to that seem as though they were only a dream!  But then something happens, which triggers your rememberance of that destination...a smell, a sound, etc.  A couple weeks ago, I was out running errands and happened upon a cawing crow, which reminded me of the myriad of crows in Mumbai.  After Sunday morning church service, we passed by the smoke shop next to our church, and I smelled incense.  Immediately I was reminded of our hotel in India, where every morning, the owner would light inscense in the reception area and say a quick prayer to his Ganesh shrine.  This morning, as I drove my husband to work, we were sitting at a traffic signal, and a couple blocks away I heard a car honking that induced another trip down the Mumbai-memory-lane!  After he got out of the car, I decided to pop-in one of our Bollywood soundtracks in the tape-player (yes, you heard that right, lol), and proceeded home, escorted by a longing in my heart for the country that only God could place there.  And to top it all off, I received an email this morning with new "mini-episodes" of Chris from Mission India, having gone back to India at the same time we were there!  To see the videos just got my silly heart-strings being plucked again!  I guess I was foolish and naive to think that one trip to India would "get it out of my system".  Yes, it was a trip of mixed feelings and experiences, but now just battle the "I'm a little exerienced now, and would love to try to do it better the next time" mentality.  But for now, I will just have to keep on savoring these little reminders as a reminder from God, that He has given me "a heart for India and beyond"! :)

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