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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dream vs. Reality

Almost 3 years ago, we were given a dream. Not of our own, but from our Heavenly Father. That dream was to reach a people in a far distant land. A land of heathens and multiple gods. A land of strange tongues and cuisines. A land that is literally on the other side of the planet Earth. That land was and is India. Whether or not we ever really become missionaries there is purely up to God. He may have just placed this in our hearts to steer us onto a path leading there, or elsewhere. That happened to Abraham in the Bible. Many times, God led His people somewhere, and occasionally, He diverted them. Either because of their own human issues, or purely out of His perfect will and plan. Remember, God's ways are not our ways. But He has definitely given us a direction, a goal, a purpose. It has brought David and I closer than ever. Even the kids are on the bandwagon. And so, after long adue, we are on the final India. I almost never thought I would say that, although there goes my human doubts again! Good thing God doesn't base anything on us and our feelings. I began this blog, in the hopes that some day, I would be able to tell about our experiences in India. And although I thought it would be missionary experiences, I am grateful to even be allowed to take this trip. Our hope is to finally "experience" India. No, Mumbai is not entirely a replica of all India has to offer, since it's more a melting pot of the varied peoples, but it's a good start. Oh, and did I mention that we will actually be taking a day-trip to Pune, by train? Yes, in order to get a fuller experience, we knew we must take a train ride. See the land, travel as one of them. And who knows? Maybe this will all just set our feet upon another fork in the road of God's plan for our lives!  

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