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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hindi ~ Romanization and Devanagari

Hindi has become a second language in our family. We started learning some romanized versions many months ago, like 1,2,3 are ek, do, teen and blue, red, green are neela, laal, and hara. We've learned some initial phrases like hello, my name is..., how are you?, etc. It's been great, and we are all very excited for summer vacation to arrive so that we can focus on it much more. I'll even be incorporating Hindi days, where we can only communicate in it. This will be challenging, but fun and beneficial in our learning this language. But, my personal excitement has recently begun with learning the actual Devanagari script. I've pretty much mastered recognizing, reading and writing the first four consanants, which are basically ka, kha, ga, and gha. This became even more exciting when I could locate these letters in actual hindi words, and the realization that once I master the entire Hindi alphabet, I'll actually be able to read in that script...this will open up so many doors to communication when we go to India. And once I learn this, I'll be able to easily teach my kids and husband. Amazing how much more the world opens up when you learn a new language. Even more amazing is the fact that will will not have the usual language barrier that many missionaries face when going to a new country. No, we won't know Marathi, Gujurati, Tamil or many of the other languages of India, but with the knowledge of English and Hindi, we should be pretty well off. Now we just need to find some Hindi speaking people to practice on. :)


  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these Devanagari books?

  2. Thank you sfauthor for the recommendation. I've found many wonderful sites that offer Hindi lessons and learning. I will check out your link too. :) And thanks for reading!