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Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy in Ministry and Hopeful for India!

Whew! We have been quite busy lately, and it's not about to stop. Most of our free time (outside of homeschooling for the kids & I, and work for Dad) has been used with church activities. Every weekend in January, we had someone over for a meal or coffee. Then this month, we've been gearing up for our church concert, in both drama team and with a musical "group" I'm in. With the possibility of people coming over at any time, I've had to make sure my house is clean, which is not always an easy task, let alone a mom who's wearing so many "hats". But, it's all worth it, and I would not want to trade it for anything! Busyness means we are not bored. Ha! I don't even know the definition of the word anymore. But it's very exciting indeed!
Also, since last year was a tough year financially, "Uncle Sam" owes us this year, and not just a small amount! Praise God for this! With the blessed tax return, we'll be able to pay some debts, give a generous offering to God's work, and the rest is being saved for a very hopeful trip to India!!! Of course, things can change, but we are tentatively going either in June for an impact team (help missionaries) or maybe even in November for our anniversary. I would actually choose the anniversary option more, because the team is going to Bangalore, but David and I have felt a deep longing for Mumbai. It would be so wonderful to spend a week in the city, shopping where the people shop, riding the public transportation, eating where the locals eat, seeing the sights, but mostly just living for a short time with the people that God has placed so deeply in our hearts. So many people have questioned us with, "wouldn't you rather spend your money going on some luxery cruise?" or "don't you want to spend less money and go down to a tropical Mexican resort?" A heartfelt answer.....NO! It's like settling for a bowl of cereal, when you can have a full breakfast of eggs, potatoes, meat, pancakes, fruit, etc. Why settle for less?
So, now we just wait, and see where this path takes us...where our Father leads us. :)

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